san miguel scene

There's always action in the Jardin. Venders selling balloons and toys and snacks and drinks. Street hawkers piled with towers of hats and armloads of beads. Children selling gum and sunflower seeds. And tourists, lots of them. Villagers from the campos around town to the weathy chilangos—a pejorative term for people from Mexico City. Fiestas and parades and dancers. People headed for the churches and the market. Gringas going to their yoga classes and AA meetings and art lessons and tennis dates.
  Inside the walls and courtyards of the houses and hotels, there are fountains and greenery and a modicum of quiet. You can still hear the firecrackers and music.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

sounds like there a lot of sounds to keep you on your toes...and possibly keep your mind on other things...