goose: the reveal

 It has been a very long July, but yesterday, the last day of the month, everything came together. It is amazing to me that the same fundamentals—power, wiring, well and pump, plumbing for kitchen and bathroom, doors, windows—require the same amount of work for  a 16- by 22-foot room as for a three-bedroom house.
   I moved in Saturday. Yesterday, Monday, Dave finished the final projects and he and his wife and I moved in the fridge. (I bought it at Sears on the Internet and it turned out to be black on the sides!) We moved in the old tin counter and hutch that Virginia had saved and washed, and I rewashed and painted. I just found out that she also has many of my pots and pans and dishes. Now I can pay bills and clean and shop, and tomorrow friends arrive.
 Just to refresh your memory, here's what the place looked like, gutted, when I got here. Sans power or water
 And here's what it looked like when the flood waters receded. Virginia and Randy and the Christian Aid ministries cleaned it out and power washed it.
 And here's what it looked like last year, before the flood.


Debby said...

The Goose looks great. All your hard work (with the help of Dave and Virginia and Randy) has created a lovely space from a disaster zone. And now you get to enjoy it for a few weeks with friends.

otra rubia said...

Beautifully cool and soothing. Perfect for summer. How's your yard? Was all your landscaping wiped out?

DaDa said...

Spectacular and a credit to friendship.

Claudia said...

The space arpund the house is a mud hole. My two crepe myrtles survived along with some of my hedge. But there is a lot of shattered window glass. And not much grass.

Ivy said...

Why did my comments disappear????