sister carpenter

 My mighty sister created the box to enclose the plumbing for The New Tub. It isn't easy being square—I never could have done it! She has an enviable chop saw and workshop (with motorcycle) and whipped the thing up posthaste. It joined the rest of the wildly assorted stuff in the truck and is now being polyurethaned. Looks like the plumber will be able to install next week. And then my sleepless nights of logistics will be over. At least for that project.
  Sorry not to be posting, but no Internet at Claudia's.


Dianne said...

I'm impressed---could sure use her here!!!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

absolutely perfectly beautiful!...are you going to urethane (sp.?)it?

Claudia said...

Yes. On third coat now.
Plumber may come next week! And electrician!

otra rubia said...

Nice skillz! I'm very impressed -- and jelly of her fabulous workshop!