Well there was this. I thought I had fixed everything but the kitchen sink at Claudia's Surf City. New part ordered for the kitchen sink.
 Then there was this. The new washer dryer I have used but one season. Dryer won't heat. No idea whether or when Pete will be able to put it back together again.
But then again there's this! The chandelier salvaged for me by the handyman at 98 Riverside installed by Lynn Brown's electrician who actually showed up!
And then there's this. Which makes all of it worth it.


Debby said...

Overall, it sounds like you're making progress.
Enjoy the Easter weekend on BI.
I hope it's warm; we're expecting it to be 82F in NYC.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

wow that's a mouthful...there are 3 ch ch ch changes if you are thinking in terms of the song? lots of changes I see for you LOVE the chandelier and the island it's now on...can't wait to get there ....keep up the good work!

D.R. said...

New chandelier looks fab! Great price too. :)