but does it hold water?

 Well, after all that up-all-night worrying, Hannah's  tub has made it from China to Block Island and been installed. Now all that remains is to turn on the water and see if everything works! The mice are ready to give it a go.
    The dryer, on the other hand, needs a new motherboard. It is only one-plus years old (the plus is what puts me out of warranty) and went on the fritz after one season.
   "Block Island," said the  Sears man sympathetically. "Power surges. Appliances just don't last."
   "Tell me about it, I said. "A refrigerator every other year."
   The dryer was in hopeless pieces until a guy named Duane arrived.
   "Do you know about dryers?" I asked.
   "I do," he said firmly.
   That gives me to hope. He put it back together and told me I need a new motherboard. He said he would order and install it. And he apologetically showed me eight screws. "I don't know where these go," he said. "When I take it apart, I know how it goes back together."
    Maybe they are immaterial. We'll see when the new motherboard is installed.

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