Do you like this painting of the Andrews House on Block Island? You could make it yours as a duvet cover, shower curtain, throw pillow or phone cover on this site. Barrett was somewhat dismayed to discover that her house had been painted and marketed without her knowledge, but the view is from a public footpath, after all.
   Meanwhile, if you want a real Andrews, Sperry Andrews that is, check out Barret's eBay postings here and here.
    And if you want to check whether these or other photographs are aesthetically pleasing, you can go to an amazing site that is developing an algorithm to determine just that.
    And if you yourself are decluttering, here is a list of other sites beyond eBay and Craigslist you can use.
    And if you want real live aesthetics, check out Kate Knapp's Front Street Gallery in this TV travel show about Housatonic.

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