plus ca change

The self starter bounds out of bed at 6:30 in the morning, stubs her little toe on the corner of the bed while running—running—downstairs to turn on the Vermont castings gas stove.
Then the self starter considers returning to bed until everything feels a little warmer. Too boring—things to do!
The big chore of the self starter's morning comes next: Making coffee. Then the self starter checks the news to make sure nothing else has blown up overnight, the weather to ascertain if it's cold on the Island (yes, but we knew that) the e-mail to see if the cub has issued a release indicating that she is alive (nope).
The self starter pushes the pile of bills and to-do notes aside. Maybe later.
The self starter has signally failed in the past week to force herself to finish the tiny bit of painting and trim that will complete the project of redoing the guest room. Or the tiny bit of urethaning and paneling required to reinstall the toilet that sits on the porch. Who knows what marginal excuses the self starter has come up with? The self starter is already thinking about the next project.
The self starter needs to complete one project before thinking about the next. The self starter needs to start self. Immediately. 
That was written in 2005. It could have been written this morning. 
As B points out, to the tune of "Sixteen Tons"
 A dozen years later, and what do you get?
Three more houses and deeper in debt
St. Patrick please help me, all that I want to do
Is sit on my back porch and have me a brew
One thing that has changed, however, is the number of comments. Check them out here.

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