on the street where i live

I believe this. I really do. I can't love everybody, though, without my nearest and dearest suffering neglect. Just ask anybody in public service or social work or teaching or activism—or journalism. Nor can I love in the abstract. I can only hope that loving those nearby will ripple out into into the wider world. I can try to do the other thing, though. I am trying to think of a person I hate, and at the moment can't call one to mind. Trying not to hate in the abstract—that's harder. Especially now.
#invasionoftheswampthings #rulingclasssansclass #inauguration #congress


Anonymous said...

I have nominees.

Belva said...

I'll comment on your previous post.... I've been trying to grow bitter melon
for years and haven't yet succeeded. How do you do that?

CBA said...

You are getting too cerebral. You are worrying me. What's with all the introspection? Not like you.

Claudia said...

@Belva I did it by accident. I had a bitter melon (search blog post "the bitter truth")that I didn't cook quickly enough and it split open. I just planted the seeds. It was summer, and I had been told they like hot weather. However the ones I planted in full sun did not come up (maybe too dry?) while the ones I planted in the shade did. I then transplanted it into a pot and brought it to the city where it sits in my windowsill in the cold. Go figure. I am going to try to get more seeds and plant earlier this year.