guitar history

The repaired Martin, looking good!

The song list I made for the Midnight Rambler in Hawaii, 1973.
It's complicated. This sweet little Martin belonged to Robert, who bought it in a pawn shop for $65 back in 1968. Douglas had a nice, big Gibson. They decided to trade, lo these many years ago.  Robert used to play the guitar (either the Gibson, when at his house, or mine, when at ours). Sister Erin and I would sing, and Douglas and Robert's wife Ellen would leave the room. I inherited the guitar in the divorce (only fair, I thought, since Douglas didn't play).
  Over the years, the Martin developed a crack in the soundboard. The bridge lifted off. The braces inside loosened. It still sounded sweet, but needed some TLC. So when one of Hannah's friends said he knew a guy. . . Dude came and picked it up, brought it back repaired within the week. he told me it was worth around $1500 and would be more if I did a $1200 neck reset. Let that be the next owner's problem. And PS, Robert and I have a date to do some strummin' and singin'. On the Martin.


CBA said...

You may say your marching days are over, but maybe your contribution to the protest movement will be your songs. Bet on a subconscious level that's why you got the guitar fixed.

Just in time to sing. Get to work on it!

Claudia said...

You may be right. But wid dis code id by dose I caddot sig.