man up

Ok, y'all. This is sort of the equivalent of the annual membership drive.
Yeah, I'm talkin'to you.
I have been writing this blog, almost daily, for a dozen years—since before most of you had even heard the word blog.
I know it's not always that exciting, but I need feedback to get 'er going.

Dudes, you've fallen off.
Katie does her duty. And Doro.
Otra Rubia gives it a shot. And Dianne.
Dada and Ed have fallen off.
Barrett, from being a mainstay, is nowhere in sight.
Hannah hasn't reported in in a decade.
Bill never has figured out how to post. Nor Debby.

It really isn't that onerous. You have to check a box saying I am not a robot.
Big whoop.
It's hard to keep going out here all alone.
Just give me some kind of sign.



bill said...

it's cold here too.

Debby said...

Some of your faithful readers are just reluctant writers.

I have commented (admittedly infrequently) over the many years of your blogging. A recent comment on your Mom's 90th birthday party photo, the brunette in the sea of blonds.

Please keep writing. And photos are also much appreciated.

Claudia said...

Ok, that's two!

Cba said...

OK I just wrote this really thoughtful comment and the damn google thing said Bad Error and I lost it all. Damn it!!

Anonymous said...

I comment occasionally.


CBA said...

O.K. here goes my second attempt to comment.

I am afraid that we have been taking you for granted, it's true. We have come to EXPECT you to continue to inform, amuse, delight us with your Blog.. much as we have come to view you as our Rock, our Mainstay, our Safe Harbor, and shall I say it? Our "Immortal Reality."

When Stonewall Jackson was first injured by friendly fire, the South's reaction was one of disbelief. One woman said.."He cannot die! He is an Immortal Reality".

We all know how that turned out. Not that you're going to die. But your interest in your Blog might.

I've been off the internet for months, as you know. I'll try to do better.

Besides.. if you stop posting, Nose Bite's stands to lose thousands of dollars. His suits against you really keep him going.

CBA said...

I meant to say Nose Bite's firm stands to lose...

Claudia said...

Phew. Now that I know Nose Bite is reading, I'll keep going for another week or two.
And, Deb, "Just commented?" That was back in September. Are we talking quarterly here?

Dianne said...

Ahhh, you are well loved by ALL...we just get too wrapped up in our own busy lives to comment on yours. We need to collectively do better!

And P.S. Sometimes it will let you comment WITHOUT having to prove you are not a robot---go figure!

D.R. said...

Running late, but I'm here! You're very popular in New Jersey!