give it up

A stuffed peacock. White.
The color of a virgin, a bridal gown, a form of privilege, a white flag.
The color of surrender.


Nose Bite Kitty Esq. said...

Mme Dowling: Je ne sais pas si c'est vous qui êtes en quelque sorte responsable du meurtre et de la défiguration de ce bel oiseau. Sinon, veuillez m'aider et mes collègues à repérer et à traduire le criminel en justice.
Il est tout à fait possible que cette affaire soit jugée au niveau fédéral. Si la victime en question est (ou était ... qui peut dire à ce stade?) Un Peafowl vert, il est un membre d'une espèce menacée, rendant le crime encore plus odieux:
: Le Peafowl vert est classé par l'Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature (UICN) comme «en voie de disparition»
: Espèces en voie de disparition - EN (Statut: Menacé) - Dans la probabilité immédiate de disparaître et de demander une protection

Mon cabinet, Les Félins pour la Justice, poursuivra tous les responsables dans toute la mesure de la loi. Nous enverrons notre enquêteur, Furry Mason, aux Etats-Unis immédiatement et vous demanderons de l'aider de toutes les manières possibles. Votre coopération ira loin vers démontrer votre innocence.

Cordialement, Nose Bite Kitty, Esq. 2400 Rue de la Chat Qui Dance, Paris, France

Nose Bite Kitty Esq. said...

Madam Dowling: I do not know if it is you who is in some way responsible for the murder and subsequent disfigurement of this beautiful bird. If not, please assist me and my colleagues in tracking down and bringing the guilty parties to justice.
It is quite possible this case may be tried on a Federal level. If the victim in question is (or was.. who can tell at this point?) a Green Peafowl, he is a member of an endangered species, making the crime even more heinous:
:The Green Peafowl is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as 'endangered'
:Endangered Species - EN (Status: Threatened) - In the immediate probability of becoming extinct and require protection to exist

My firm, Les Felins por la Justice, will prosecute all those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. We will be sending our investigator, Furry Mason, to the States at once and request you assist him in every way possible. Your cooperation will go far towards demonstrating your innocence.

Sincerely, Nose Bite Kitty, Esq. 2400 Rue de la Chat Qui Dance, Paris, France

Nose Bite Kitty, Esq. said...

My Dear Madam: I am to write this to you without translation, as I have now many english phrases at paw.

Your furvent plea for more commenting of course solicits my attentionne. However, in spite of your eagerness I have no response to my latest query.

This leads me to suspect whomever the Peafowl Killer may be, you are cahooting with him.

En Garde, Madam! Nose Bite Kitty, Esq.

Claudia said...

Cahooting, indeed! Are you certain you don't mean cathooting?
As the peafowl in question, I had nothing to do with its demise or ensuing reincarntion in an antique store window. Nor do I have any time to investigate the matter. If you would like to stay at Dowling Intercontinental when in town, however, you are somewhat welcome. I would only ask that you keep to your room. Don't get your dander up about this—some of my other guests have a profound allergy to, ahem, cat dander.