author, author!

Evocative photos promoted the book and could inspire the movie.

Note the special cocktail. Also Narragansett beer, RI hipster brew.
Rachel Hulin, a writer and photographer, told Hannah she was working on a novel and that she was going to start putting it up on Instagram. She cast the characters and made pictures of them and posted them up on a website as well as Insta. It made a mild media sensation, and the project wound up selling to Doubleday as a real print book.
Hey Harry, Hey Matilda is an epistolary novel, written in the form of emails between a pair of 30-something twins, brother and sister. They are smart and snarky and very, very verbal. Which is fortunate, since emails are not visual—the visuals were in the photographs Rachel made, which were hanging from balloons all over the Wooly, a coffee shop in the old Woolworth Building in NYC, where she held a book party this week. (It's the second book party I've been to lately where you didn't buy the book—it was a gift. Is this a new thing?) Hear NPR's interview. I went home and read it straight through. I wanted to find out what happened. But I'm not telling you! You can buy it here.

Rachel signs a book for my date, Donna Ferrato,

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