sunset over the compound

From left: Hannah's; Claudia's; John's Big Barn, Little Barn, Big House and Kite Store; Douglas's Little Brown Jug and shed (rear).

Former tool shed behind the Kite Store, emptied
 When Mr. Hopkins died and we bought the place, the four buildings on the right were all there was—the big house Hoppy had moved to that spot, the kite shop, which he had left to his mistress, the little house by the tidal pond where Douglas and I lived and Douglas's shed, site of the first Claudia's Surf City. That was 1980.
John had vision, and he dug a pond and built and helped us build. Douglas built Claudia's and Claudia built Hannah's, and here we are—until last month, when John sold the tiny corner of the property that has the Big House and the Kite Store. Not visible in this aerial are the two brand new mansions that bracket the former compound (known to the locals with deep political incorrectness as The Gaza Strip). The new owner plans for the Big House to continue as a summer rental. The Kite Store will become a flower shop.
Big House and Kite Store on right, from Claudia's.

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D.R. said...

Wow. Things change but a flower shop sounds okay.