ramp to nowhere?

They have begun to build stairways across the dunes. One problem: Right now they would be landing in the water. Well, we'll see. the idea is to keep the rebuilt "dunes" from getting trampled by beachgoers in the summer. In other Block Island news, the Deepwater wind farm cable laying is at a standstill because they hit Indian artifacts on Beach Avenue, and a big hoopdedo is going on.
Also, Daniel Berrigan, the radical Catholic priest who was captured on Block Island has died. NYT obit here.
A lovely takeout on old-style Block Island, and my sister-in-law's great great grandfather (or something's) house. His name was Amazon Littlefield. Don't you wish that was your name?
And I don't have time for more. Going to try to get the hell off the rock.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

wow Indians? that is exciting!...stop the presses...