soft opening

The weather is still chilly, so the waiters at the Oar let down the shades.

Roberta and I enjoyed a lady's lunch at the Oar.
 Block island is prepping for the coming weekend. Wait staffs are in training, carpenters are hammering, painters are touching up, cottagers are cleaning for the rental season, crews are trying to finish the lines for the wind farm and the stairs over the dunes.
   And Islanders are checking out the new season's just-opened restaurants. Me, I stuck with the sushi at the Oar and the last free clam night at the Yellow Kittens. And one night the thought "ice cream!" popped into my head. Maybe Aldo's is open, I thought. Drove down to town and not only was Aldo's open for the first time, it was free ice cream night. Ah, some people are the fortunate ones.
The Yellow Kittens is still deserted but for a gaggle of old-timers clustered around free clams at the bar.

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D.R. said...

Sounds perfect.
Good luck on 2016 season! Hope u don't have to purchase too many replacement refrigerators :)