presenting: the birthday girl!

Sisters in crime

I forget how old she's turning today, but I know she's a hair older than me, and I'm 65. In any case, we've been clowning around for almost 40 years. That's a long fucking time. She can still make me laugh—so hard—which is about the best thing I can say about anyone. I also don't know anyone else who would spend hours composing the perfect response to a scamming email, seek for buried treasure in adulthood, ask her psychic what color truck I should buy (you should have seen the poor Ozarker salesman's face when she made the call) or spend all night watching a serial about mass murder and then all day composing a review to post on Amazon about how bad it was. 
   One of a kind. Love you, B!


Nose Bite Kitty Esq. said...

Chere Madame Dowling: Je vous remercie de votre aimable témoignage sur mon bienfaiteur humain, Mme Andrews. Elle a en effet beaucoup de belles qualités, et je suis heureux que vous l'appréciez comme je le fais.
Puisque vous avez été si thoughful et exprimé vos sentiments publiquement, moi et mon cabinet, Les Félins por la Justice, vous accorde l'immunité de proscution pour la période de quatre mois. Sincèrement vôtre, Nose Bite Kitty, Esquire

et la translation:

Dear Madame Dowling: Thank you for your kind testimonial about my human benefactor, Ms. Andrews. She indeed has many fine qualities, and I am glad you appreciate her as I do.
Since you have been so thoughful and expressed your sentiments so publicly, I and my firm, Les Felins por la Justice, grant you immunity from proscution for the period of four months. Sincerely yours, Nose Bite Kitty, Esquire

swampgassy said...

Happy Birthday B! Ms Andrews? Who ev's...