one room at a time

Yes, that's the ferry. Hard to see, right?Got the curtains up, though.
I am sick of it. Opening up and closing up houses. I am sick of calling plumbers and scouting for leaks, of defrosting refrigerators and starting them up again, of calling telephone companies and rebooting modems and finding out what species of bug has taken up residence in my residences in my absence. I am sick of washing sheets and cleaning and buying vacuum bags and  toilet brushes. Who has nine toilets and four vacuums, not to mention  four dishwashers, five refrigerators and 14 beds? Think about the pillow covers—and the bills—for a minute.
   And of course I am especially sick of it right now, when the propane fireplace that heats my house is broken, and it's 45 degrees indoors. And it's pouring rain. Fortunately I managed to wrestle the 7x4-foot bookcase into the house before the skies opened. By myself. At times like these I could almost wish I was married. Almost.
My mantra is one room at a time. So far I have nearly finished one room. Mine. Better call the freaking gas guy. Again.


CBA said...

What you need is less houses and more cars. Like me. Ahem!

Actually, the way you bop around these days, what you need is A NICE WINNEBAGO.

Ditch the houses and hit the highway.

Robin's rule of thumb is "one room a day for opening and closings." That's the story, and at our age, it's a pretty boring one.

Bet when you were at the top of Mount Everest you never thought you'd have four dishwashers and fourteen beds.

If you did you'd have stayed up there.

Dianne said...

I feel your pain! But at least it will be assuaged when you cash all those hefty rent checks!!!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

yeah...I agree with both of these contributors...and since I am also an owner of 4 pieces of property...7 baths 15 bedrooms ...5 refrigerators...spread out...no WONDER I am confused and depressed sometimes! ridiculous...wish it was making me rich...or had your skills!