wrapping it up

You too can download the Everbliss app to get counseling and coaching on all matters personal and professional from a cast of—many. I asked for help with business planning and anxiety and out popped Ms. Garrison. You may also find her in the unlikely event that you seek out the music of a band with a particularly nasty name (the music is rather better). Unlikely, I expect.
In the event that you are in Southern California, you might want to take in (or be immersed in) an exhibition by several artists including the very talented Jessica Rath. "The Ocelots of Foothill Boulevard" is a weird environmental installation in a disused infirmary from Pitzer College Art Galleries.
Speaking of talented, if you haven't looked at the Donna Ferrato doc on domestic violence, here it is on The Atlantic's website. You can also watch the others honored in the "Conflict" series.
There is a site with some great long-form journalism, all by women writers from the past year. (Thus Sean Penn was not considered.) Check it out.
And here is a selection of old photographs from LIFE magazine. Many will be familiar to you, and many of them are even more so to me, having written captions for them over and over.
And lastly, if any of you has cause to be in New Orleans, you might be lucky enough to score my cousin Glenn's rental cottage. I can attest to the fact that it is totally fab.
And that's all I can deal with today. In mourning for David Bowie.

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