we all need heroes

After the parade

 Yesterday was the birthday of a hero of Mexican independence, Ignacio Allende. He would have been 247 years old. Had he not been shot and decapitated for treason by the Spanish authorities or died of other causes. Needless to say, the town named for him, San Miguel de Allende, turned out in force (literally, if the number of soldiers in uniform meant anything) to celebrate. Not that they don't celebrate everything from haircuts on up here. I missed the parade due to other commitments, but the remains of the day were to be seen around the Jardin when i took my daily promenade.
The hero Allende in the center of the Jardin


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

you gotta love a Mexican parade...always something to.celebrate...did you hear any of the music from the bands?

Claudia said...

I could totally hear the music. And the fireworks all night. Never a dull moment in SMA.