another house?

It's teenytiny and shabby, but it is on a dead end street close to the amazing waterfront park in Providence—and two doors from Hannah's. I didn't get a look inside, but according to the scouts it is eminently rentable. It's not far from Brown and RISD on the hip East Side. Providence is an up and coming town, and the prices are still low. You could probably get this for $150,000.
    I could find the energy to renovate. But collect rents and fix roofs and monitor sump pumps on a fourth property? I dunno. Anyone interested?


CBA said...

Maybe Bear. If you buy this, so no more comments about how many cars I have.

Claudia said...

Curb appeal is easy: Rip off the porch, put on a new one. Plant.

D.R. said...

Wouldn't this be a fifth, not fourth, place for you? Or does the goose just remain in the bird category?

Claudia said...

Well, as I rent the NY apt, I don't have to worry about maintenance or taxes here.Just scheduling houseguests!