boys are back in town

Tommy V, sometime Romance Commando
It happens about once a year. Tommy and Ed get together and inevitably there seem to be John Prine songs and glasses of Jameson (no, I know that's wine in front of him—the Jameson came later, much later).
    They aren't great football fans, which is just as well, since the get-together was the day (and night) of the Rose Bowl, aka Hannah's birthday. This was one for the record books—older doesn't seem to mean wiser—but no one seemed to be irredeemably harmed in the making of this excellent fete.
Eddy B., sometime Romance Commando fan


Anonymous said...

In your pic, with Tommy, we are at your table. In your second picture we are at a restaurant several days earlier..and I am obviously looking for spies, miscreants, killers and Republicans, trying to protected your honor and the creme brûlée. Which was excellent.

C "Cloverleaf" BA said...

Is it the Irish or the Italian mafia or both?