a new year

Girl of the Year
In the New Year, the Block Island Times is being taken over by the asshole who fronted for Sheldon Adelson in the purchase of the Las Vegas paper. Caused a national stir, as you can see in this NY Times piece. Here's the part about his Block Island purchase and a pretty good summary of the controversy.
And how about those militia assholes, huh? They've been looking for trouble for a long time. Ed turned me on to Frank Martin in the 90s, and I did a magazine story about his fight against hate groups in 2000. He agrees with this article. These hotheads are still trying to start a revolution. And the damn Republicans (I'm talking about you, Adelson) are buying them guns and feeding their racist fury. Fuck them. 

On a better note, here is the first show of Across The Blue Ridge from my childhood friend Paul Brown. He showcases a passel of Bluegrass pickers and fiddlers covering a seasonal tune.
And a very touching story from Keri Pickett about a photograph of her grandparents hugging from her book Love in the 90s.
In case you missed it, here's Jerry Seinfeld and Barack Obama hanging out in something called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." And speaking of Obama, here he is wiping away a tear as Aretha Franklin performs "Natural Woman" in a tribute to the overwhelmed Carole King (her version here).

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