the domestic goddess

Dianne displays her clean refrigerator

and prepares a fresh tomato pizza
and then feeds the dogsd, the horses, bales hay, rescues horses from barbed wire, cleans the water troughs, mows the lawn. . .


Dianne said...

Too bad that refrigerator won't STAY clean!

Plaine said...

Cold Case

What is an icebox?
but the heart of a house
shielding good brew
when summer rolls out

Animals is good
‘love one of my own
but a clean, cold fridge
a house now a home

Claudia said...

Good one, Bo! And Dianne, you can just toss that seltzer if it's in your way! Or bring it out here tomorrow!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

wow what a woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Can she come to my house?

Dianne said...

Hannah, NOTHING compares to child care...you have BY FAR the HARDEST job!!!