sucking the river dry

Firetrucks were filling up with river water until late last night. Must've been quite a blaze—this is the season when folks burn branches and catch fields on fire. Don't know where it was yet—I'm done chasing fires.
We have some video news.
Vienna resident  and pal Chien-Chi Chang has Escape From North Korea up on the Magnum site. Timely.
Young relation (if I tried to describe to you how she is related it would take up several blogs) Milena Pastreich has a short film about teenagers, I Feel Stupid, screening on PBS this week. Check your local schedule.
And finally, in a promo using AMC movie theater employees as musical theater performers, Kansas city pal and financial officer Carly Larson dances in this video. She's the cute one with the funny hat in the still at the beginning and in the red clamdiggers in the Grease entry.
Huzzahs to all!


cba said...

All very great! The links, that is.

neruda said...

thanks...I have seen the North Korean escape before...excellent...all good ...

Claudia said...

The video of Escape from North Korea hasn't been seen before, O Exhumed One.