past lives

Seems like only yesterday I was roadtripping with Frank and Dianne, and today it's all bills and laundry all the time. And repacking, of course. Going backwards in the season, though spring is in the air in New York too. Next stop: Rhode Island, the most stressed state in the nation, according to this article sent in by DaDa. But however, the tenth to OK gay marriage.  Maybe some proportion of the population will be less stressed now.


Plaine said...

Stress tastes like a rusty knife and do not let her into your house. Courage tastes of blood. Stand up straight. Admire the world. Relish the love of a gentle woman.

[Convoluted from John Cheever]

Claudia said...

Good luck finding a gentle woman. Most of the ones I know are fierce.

Claudia said...

For that matter, good luck keeping stress out of your house.