summer fruit

The red ones are Marianne's Peace, then there are green zebras and a golden I don't know the name of. Stll to test taste, the pineapple tomato and the Lincoln. The boxcar, a smallish red tomato, was delish, and the two-pound Brandywine I ate for dinner last night was, as usual, heaven and so ripe it looked like stewed tomatoes on the plate. Eat your hearts out, New York City locavores.


Anonymous said...

I am as green as the ones on the right with envy.

Miss you! Love to Diane, Frank, Bear and Goose.

Wish I were there.


Wally said...

Gorgeous photo! Wonderful colors,


The golden ones may be Nebraska Weddings. My favorites.

Claudia said...

New note: Pineapple tomatoes tart when fully ripe but very tasty.

CatieScarlett said...