post election

 The lone election sign in the streetlight has already been changed out. On Wednesday I saw the teams out putting up the new signs for November. Yes, that's when Sen. Claire will be running against the Tea Party candidate in Missouri.
  And speaking of the Tea Party, one member tweeted that if Obama won, he would just go on the dole, because why fight it. (I must say that, judging by what I've seen around here, he's probably already on the dole, but whatever.)
    The following hilarious rant was posted in response. And while I agree with the political sentiments, as an honorary redneck I feel insulted for my friends and neighbors here who, while wrongheaded, at least have their hearts in the right place. As opposed to those, ahem, arrogant fucks on the Coasts! See original post and the following


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Ivy said...

Tea partiers are the definition of people who vote against their own interests, it seems to me.

Claudia said...

@Ivy Yeah, I'm under the impression that most TPs around here know all about being poor.