One of my favorite web forwards of all time is recorded on my no-longer-maintained site "Why I Can't Stop Smoking." Since I stopped smoking some time ago, it should now be entitled "Why I Can't Stop Drinking," or maybe, since I've stopped drinking for Lent (not, as a waiter the other day thought, because I'm Christian), "Why I Can't Stop Thinking About Drinking." Today, anyway.
Many of you will find this bloomsday/doomsday saga pathetic, depressing or gross. Tough. And trust me, I'd be joining those boyos today if I could.


Kathleen Mock said...

Help! You're scaring me.

Mr. Li said...

Lady is dark thinking to present her version of American "Hey Irish" day.

Is "Spearing of the Green." Sigh.

Please, Lady Goddess. Do not lust for demon substance. Better to make nest with Li and do gym thing with ironing Li's shirts.

CJH said...

Lent,too, shall pass.

Courtney Li said...

That's pumping iron, Uncle. American pastime.

Not to be confused with Chinese laundry.

Anonymous said...

May the beer rise to meet you
May a waiter be always at your back
And may the Good Lord,
in his infinite mercy
keep a cold Becks handy

Claudia said...

Aw hell, guess I'll have an NA. Current fave: Clausthauler Amber.

The Biologist said...

Perhaps it is stating the obvious to point out that in addition to stopping smoking, you HAVE stopped drinking. Long may it continue.

The Biologist said...

Dennis Leary sounds like a lot of Irish guys I know. Loved it. Ah New Yawk.

neruda said...

well i guess this is wide open for ideas about laying off the sauce...but when it comes to booze ...je m'excuse