get this dog a job

It's not only the dog, it's everybody. February=Energy Nadir, at least in the northern hemisphere. But now it's March, when everyone gets their hopes up only to have them dashed.
Today I got the call from the septic system inspectors. Block Island—it's almost time to get up there and freeze my ass off. I have to pull the weeds from around the filtering tanks before they get out there for their annual spring look-see. I find myself going to sleep thinking about the rowboat, the grass, the tools, the window casings, the paint.
Then I find myself thinking about opening up the Goose—the pump, the roof, the grass, the hedges, the paint.
And then there's New York: the plants, the paint.
Any way you look at it, paint is in the air.
I say teach that dog to paint.


cba said...

O.K., O.K. So you're the Donald.

And Katie is the Donald of the Berkshires.

You've got a) an apartment on the Upper West Side. b) two houses on one of Nature's 10 Last Great Places c) another roadside attraction, use to be determined.

Katie, she's got a) a house in the beautiful Alford valley b) a house in Great Barrington c) an art studio in Housatonic d) a house on one of Nature's 10 Last Great Places e) land on St. Croix

Me, I got a nice cat. And, oh,yeah: A house on one of Nature's 10 Last Great Places. And a store. And an apartment.

I thought we were going to simplify out lives. Now me, I got rid of the National Historic Site. Let the National Parks Service worry about the septic there. It was shot, anyway.

And as of March 12, I'm giving up my abode in prestigious Fairfield County, Connecticut. For Lent.

So shoot me. Keep it simple.

Claudia said...

Well, at least I don't have any pets!

cba said...

Not yet.

You have a birthday coming up.

Claudia said...

Don't you be threatening me with chihuahuas.

cba said...

I was thinking more in terms of a polar bear.

In keeping with the location of your Save the Date.

Well, maybe a penguin.