That's the spring sunlight shining through the detritus from the closet explosion. And the dust. Anybody want art? T-shirts? Old computers? Notebooks? Audiotapes of interviews with two Presidents Bush or videotapes of a nudist colony? A Christmas card from King Hussein and Queen Noor? A Willie Nelson backstage pass? No? Me neither.


D.R. said...

I'll take the Willie nelson backstage pass for a fan/friend if it's still available!

cba said...

O.K. We go through this every year.

I have one word of new advice.

Turn those memorable items into cash.


Don't just throw them out. Somebody will want them. Love them. Treasure them.

The Biologist said...


this looks like a very very teensy pile of stuff. Come here to see what a REAL mess is like. Perhaps it would be better if, like CBA and you, I did this every year.


CJH said...

looks like the closet gave up its' contents for Lent.
I'm with cba..don't throw them out, repurpose them.

CBA said...

See.. see?? I was right.

My mother never threw ANYTHING out. And if I tried to throw something out, even if I did it in the dead of the night, she would sense it, and retrieve it from the garbage can the next morning.

I bet I could sell the Christmas card from the royals in my store. But better yet, ebay.

I'm hoping against hope you still have The Incredible Hulk and the I, Claudia t-shirts.

And speaking about giving stuff away.. the Zoning Inspector from Redding just happened to drive by my house and put the kabosh on my FREE stuff give-away in the yard.

Apparently, Redding considers free-stuff-in-the-yard "indicative of a blight."

Oh, well. Most of it's gone already. And the rest is going with you to B.I.

Claudia said...

Alas, the Willie Nelson pass and the Christmas card were among the first things to go. I still have the T-shirt collection, alas, although I haven't opened the plastic casings in years.

Dianne said...

I'm with The Biologist...that's a teensy pile. Ah, but what an interesting life you lead!!!

Claudia said...

If you take into consideration the size of my apartment and the fact that I'd been throwing stuff out for a couple of days, not so small. . .

neruda said...

I'll be right there....looks like a great tag sale to me