leprechaun, the sequel

A true story from Pell City, Ala., just in from one of our southern correspondents.
One foine day about a week ago, on the heels of St. Patty's Day, a working mother got a call in the office. "Mom! Mom!" her son exclaimed. "You won't believe it—I captured a leprechaun! A for real one, Mom!"
This son, 24, has Downs syndrome, and like many such children, loves horror movies. Leprechaun, the tale of a murderous sprite, is one he watches over and over.
"That's nice, dear," she said. "I'll see it when I get home." And she hung up.
A bit later, a neighbor rang up. "There are three police cars with lights and sirens outside your house," she told the boy's mother. "You better get back here."
When the mom got home she found that her son had indeed captured a wee someone: a midget census taker. The boy, who had never seen a little person before, had scooped up the man and put him in a hall closet, bracing the door with a wooden chair wedged beneath the doorknob.
Fortunately, the census taker had the luck o' the Irish—and a cellphone.

NOTE: This story appears to be apocryphal.
See this Snopes link.


Wolfen said...

Brilliant. Who was this?

DaDa said...

This entry should put you on the map.

the biologist said...

Wonderful rewrite, Claudie!

Anonymous said...

I love short stories

Claudia said...

It's still a good story. . .