i am sick

I mention this because a Certain Person tells me I always have a cold in the fall, and I can't remember. So here's a record of one time that I do. Now.
Also it may explain some flakiness in posting.


Dianne said...

Oh, be better!!!!

Good wishes sent your way!!!

c"I'll Be Your Memory" ba said...

I'm the Certain Person, and you do get a bad cold every year when you leave the Island for the winter.

Me thinks it's psychologically induced.

The big change. The trauma. The whatever it is.

Some of us just don't do transitions well.

Claudia said...

Yeah, but. . .

otra rubia said...

Es estress, tu sabes. And a lack of sleep probably too.

Lemony chicken soup with hot pepper or tabasco. Steamy bubble baths and bad novels. Vicks vapo-rub on your chest covered by a flannel nightie.

Baby it if you can.

neruda said...

and don't forget the mega C you who taught me....hope you feel better sweety