what's in the truck?

OK, everybody say
It's that time of year again, when spring calls with an urgency that can no longer be denied, and we all pile in the truck to go—who knows where? Missouri, certainly. Louisiana, maybe. Key West, Florida?
Guess what's in the truck—really, a less-piggy rented SUV.

I'll get you started:
3 people
2 road atlases
1 camp stove
6 pounds Zabar's "quiet coffee," ie, already ground dark expresso.
1 bottle Xanex

The traditional point system applies:
5 points for each correct answer
10 points for each answer that should be correct

So what do you think is in the truck?


Anonymous said...

At least two pairs of shorts and a case of Red Stripe beer.
I know, my "guesses" don't count. Really great seeing you yesterday. Happy motoring.

DaDa said...

Ipods, 3
Macs, 3
Cell Phones, 3
(chargers, 2)
Rolls of Bounty, 1
Sunglasses, 4
Rolex, 1
Coolers, 2
Canon DSLR, 1
Misc Digital Cameras, 2
Bananas, 3
Pocket Knives, 2
Zippos, 1