perils of autofill

"Chere C," the e-mail began.
So far so good. I use the initial C. "Chere" was going a little far for the just-friends relationship I have with this person, but ok. Some stuff about work, phone batteries, and then the signoff.
"Bisous x 1000."
Hmm. My French not so good, but in Spanish it's besos,
so the translation I'm getting is "a thousand kisses."

As I'm puzzling over that, I get the oops e-mail:
"I've been meaning to get in touch with you, but not with the message you just received because I didn't realize that the auto-completion had somehow grabbed your name/address rather than C-----'s.
So ignore the last, but I'll phone you soon."
No kisses for Claudia!

1 comment :

J said...

ok ya'll, on the count of three everybody send big wet SMMMMOOOOCHES for C.

There, that's better.