20,000 and counting

This little site is pretty much a closed circle, which is why I don't get 20,000 hits a day but rather am totaling that now. That was not my plan initially, when I thought it would be a home-building site and hoped that the related commercial content would attract enough interest that I might actually earn a little money. (You know what I'm talkin' bout—you people haven't been doing your share.) As it proved, however, it's been a way for a handful of people to keep up with each other's doings. There's plenty of stuff I know that I don't talk about—divorces, diseases, affairs, arguments, deaths. So, yeah, it's kind of lightweight, but it does mean I don't have to repeat myself quite so often.
I could do the blind item thing. You know, "Why is a reporter for a major news organization avoiding the office?" Or, "What lesbian songstress appears to be having trouble at home?" Should I get more hard core or just stick with the lah-di-dah? Yes, I'm talkin' to you.


j said...

I like this blog the way it is--but it's a lot of work for you, and anyway I want to know where Mr. Li is these days.

Anonymous said...

you are doing just fine lassie as far as this reader is concerned...but who am I to say? Just Neruda