lights, action

What is this item, Mr. Li?
This very fine item came from China, touching down in a San Diego warehouse. I bought it on line based on a 2 x 2 inch photo, knowing very well that I was taking a risk. But it wasn't very expensive (a closeout sale, no big surprise), shipping was free and the thing was guaranteed for a whole while.
It was installed months ago, but last night I was able to treat myself to my first spa evening. Mind you, you can have lights or action, but not, apparantly, both at once. I also don't dare use the heater for fear of blowing the whole scene to kingdom come. But I was able to sit there in the bubbling rice bowl feeling like a cannibal's next meal. "All you need is some giant chopsticks," Photochild says. And I know I'm really asking for it here, but it seems like giant chopsticks are something Mr. li might stock.


Mr. Li said...

This object is product made in Guangdong, by relative of Li's sainted mother.

Is sad thing, this object as we say in old country, is "made for sell". Good luck in getting this function thing.

Alas! Is very sad that life for single lady is so full of pitbulls.

Perhaps now Lady will, as rock king Warren say, "Reconsider Me." Please to buy album.

Cortni Li said...

Pitfalls, Honorable Uncle-san. Please to watch "Animal Cops, Detroit" to learn of small, vicious dogs.

jerry bruckheimer said...

Is this a dead body?

Or someone about to be electrocuted by faulty hot-tub

Tired idea, mes amis. But throw in a cannibalistic serial killer and we're talking major Nielsens.

Or, better yet... Maybe this person is trying to poach themselves. A serial sado-cannibal. Or cabalist. Whatever.

cowgirl said...

Looks wonderful! Let's party.

Napé said...

Thanks for the link. Are those your feet? Very pretty feet, My Dear!