venus in scorpio, avian style

The birds have gone crazy. They seem to think it's nesting season. They are flying around like nutcases (nuthatches?), flying into the house and out, around and around the house, through the porch. They're doing this all over the island. I mean, the apple tree started blooming and then the shad bushes and now this. I'm freezing my ass off. Don't these dumb birds know it's time to go south for the winter and not time to nest?


the architect said...

i've noticed the spring-like behavior of the birds, also....what the hecks goin' on?? very strange. have i not noticed this before, or is something odd happening? do the animals know something we can't sense yet?

on the bright side, mr. li seems to have returned from his migration. maybe he has the answer!

Wolfen said...

Wait. Am I a dumb bird? Should I be going south istead of nesting in providence??

Tippi Hedron said...

I've so been there.