moved out

All that's left is curtains, a linoleum rug or two and thousands and thousands of words.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are on your way back to NYC?
Music party soon!

Claudia said...

Actually, Kathleen, that's not my house! But hope to be back for your gig.

Anonymous said...

Li has suspect this for many months. Lady has not married, fine gentleman cannot supply Lady with fine furnishings and now, now see sad pudding in which is proof of Li's theory.

Bank has reposessed all of Lady's cerised posessions, Lady sleeping on ancient linoleum.

So, Lady. Perhaps you are now ready to welcome Double Happiness? Please to contact Li.

Anonymous said...

That's cherished, dear Uncle. Like in Karen Carpenter song of fame.

Wolfen said...

Or Madonna's...depends on your era.

Anonymous said...

Or, like in my new series "CSI, West Plains". We're not going to use a Who cut for the theme song. I'm thinking of a spin on Madonna's "Like a Virgin". How does "Like a Victim" sound?