there goes the neighborhood

This print was made from a found negative by Bill Dugan. The cafe is on the left. The Goose is on the right, when it still had an extra room on top of the canopy. This is the old bridge, the one that existed when I first visited Thomasville some 20 years ago, shown around by Ann and Bill Dugan.
I took this picture today. The cafe's profile is much the same, while the Goose has lost its second floor bedroom and gained glass block, thanks to Chris Garrison and a deck.

This is the new interior of the cafe. I wish I had an old one for comparison, but trust me, aside from the ceiling the feeling is entirely different. As in upscale. Some of the people around here are worried they will no longer be able to afford to eat here. There is even a portable stage for those upcoming big events.

So hmm. From the POV of the soon-to-be room for let, the Goose looks pretty shabby. Not as bad as the bombed-out place next door to me owned by Randy and Virginia (the girls of T'ville are eager to buy it, but it's not for sale), but not that great.
  Which brings me to my next question. If I paint the Goose should it remain pink?

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otra rubia said...

Go trendy and paint it black.