please vote!

Yellow table original occupant. Aviator table attractive interloper.

Original wall.
 Here we are. I have one table too many. Which should stay?
    The room is small, like 16 x 22 with a bite out of it for the bathroom. And my entertainments tend to be for no more than six people.
   Vote for the yellow table! Diner style '50s!
   Vote for the aviator table! Designer, industrial!
    I couldn't let them put that airplane wing table in the dumpster, right? So I trucked it from New York. Now I'm unsure. Vote your preference today!
    Meanwhile, it was pretty clear that the wall behind said tables had to be painted. "You're always painting!" somebody said. Well, yes, and I never get very far. I hate it. So now I have one more half wall and the bathroom to go downstairs. And the floor needs a second coat, though it's too damn damp to do now.
I don't know if I'll ever get to that wall above the staircase.

The kitchen with new Cott sign form Barbara covering the fuse box. Styled with flyswatter.


Claudia said...

Well, the only person who has voted is Bill Dugan, who says, #Airplane wing. It would survive the next flood better cause it would fly away."

CraneD said...

Edward Hopper will be tres disappointed if the yellow table disappears.

D.R. said...

I'm late but I like that burst of what reminds me of sunshine!

Yellow Table gets my vote.

Dianne said...

I still vote for taking the airplane wing upstairs for a desk.