sacred ground

Kapu. Keep out.
 This is Polihale, the end of the road that goes around most of the island. From Polihale through Kalalau to Ke'e, the terrain is just too rugged for a road. Not to mention, protected land as well as sacred.
  When I first came to Kauai at 22, with my friend Laura, we hitchhiked out and camped here legally at the state park for two weeks. We then moved down the beach and camped illegally for several months, acquiring a car—the Midnight Rambler—and an entourage of gay men, including Lizard, Sufi Bob, JonJon, a former prostitute from New Orleans, and his friend Marty. Krishna, who may or may not have been gay but was celibate, lived in an old school bus where we played endless games of hearts.
If you look past the truck, you will see a track leading up a dune. At the top of that was a bowl in the sand where we camped until finally kicked out by a park ranger.


CBA said...

I would call it PoliHeaven, myself.

Looks a wee but like BI.

Claudia said...

That's what Hannah said!
And Jamie DuPont!