miss sparkle eyes

 A few things happened. Got the water turned on at CSC. Had Hannah et all. Unfortunately, as I turned on the dishwasher after dinner for ten, the drain hose popped open and water went all over the floor. The phone didn't work, of course, nor the Internet, but hey we have a workaround hotspot now. Water co (below) arrived to turn on the water TO the new house. Remains to find someone to tun on the water IN the house. But the DSL there is working! Please note the new "garage" next door, which is like Johnny's big barn in miniature.
   And we had three glorious days, when it actually got too hot for the propane stove. Carpenter came by and said he couldn't get to my leaky windows. And I am down for the count with a horrid cold like the one I had all December. In bed today. Hope Miss Sparkle Eyes doesn't get the gradoo.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

Gorgeous young girl full of life and the joy of it!