goose redux

Really after
Like, last I saw

Barring another flood, this is after for now.
A year ago tomorrow, the Eleven Point River wiped out the town of Thomasville, Mo. (Hannah had a horrendous car accident the same day, but that's her story to tell.) So we know that April is flood season, as it has been since I bought my little piece of rural America ten years ago.  But that was a  flood and a half. You can revisit it here.
   Hopefully the Goose will be spared this spring, because Changping has decided to spend her  vacation there. Well, there and at Graceland. The plan is to meet up in New York and road trip to Mo on the 9th or 10th June. Thence to Memphis for a few days before she has to be back to Boston on the 23rd.
   Changping is a city girl and I think she will be horrified by T'ville and the Goose and the local cuisine. So friends in Missouri, we have to show her a good time. Otherwise I'm doomed to spending longer in Memphis than I care to.

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