brooklyn, again

 Yes, this is the Brooklyn Bridge, headed towards Brooklyn. Just want to put that on the record, since I get so many complaints. Yes, I had a ride. Ed kindly came to fetch me (and some hundred volumes of books I was offloading).
 After lunch at Ed's usual place, I wanted to go for local color. He said there was a former Korean nail salon that had doubled as a house of prostitution and was now a bar/restaurant. The new owner had decided to own the heritage.
  And how! We were escorted to the back room, a boudoir with black satin seating and a bed. What the heck, Ed's foot needs elevating anyway. Everyone else who walked into the back room backed out hastily, except the bartender who was happy to shimmer in with shrimp and, um, cocktails.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

well is this a first? a day in a brothel? looks like more fun....