My yard. And others' homes.

I have been looking for someone who might be interested in a weird reality show/home renovation show. 
    Kind of a Duck Dynasty meets Martha Stewart. 
    Eight years ago,  I bought an old gas station/café/post office in a dying town in the Ozarks. It is tiny, just 16 by 22 feet. I redid it in a kind of ‘50s diner/midcentury modern style.
    Then, at the end of April, a seven-foot wall of water swept through the town, erasing much of it. I am trying to decide whether to rebuild, and it occurred to me that it would make a good TV “renovation” show.  I mean, the characters who are helping me out are too amazing—one is of the Hatfield clan. 
      Here are pix of the place before and after the flood:
    And here are pix of the place gutted. The second floor and structure were untouched, though the meth addicts may get in there to pull the wires out at some point, and the squirrels and skunks may take up residence in my beds upstairs.  My hillbilly neighbors and the local sheriff are patrolling to repel marauders  as of now.
   If you have any thoughts or contacts, please let me know. I am planning to go out and survey the wreckage at the end of June. 
  Keep with me for new developments.

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