goose, cooked

The former kitchen (above) and bathroom
 My neighbors salvaged what they could, and the Christian Aid Ministries, very charitably, took out ruined dry wall, power washed and sprayed fungicide all over the place. Alas, just as the Goose had reached operational perfection, it is a shell, embryonic even. 
  No windows, doors, electricity, appliances, plumbing. Don't know about the well, the well pump, the septic system. The foundations of the columns look a little shaky as well.
   And I bet there's some wildlife in there. 
  What I need is one of those TV home makeover shows to come in. I could certainly start over! Alas for my pink floor. . .
    Rebuilding makes the polyurethaning I'm doing here in Block Island look like a piece of cake.
So what should I do? I'm taking votes. The upstairs is fine. The building is 16 by 22 feet. But still, to reinstall all systems would take an army of tradesmen—if I could find any who were competent and would show up. The latter usually presents greater difficulty.
   And if I did rebuild, the next thousand-year flood could come along in a year or 20. When I toured flooded towns (Grand Rapids, ND, Mississippi River towns in Missouri with Tipper Gore, New Orleans) I was bemused that people could think it was a good idea to rebuild in a place that had already been washed away.
   But now I understand the impulse. I'm torn. I love the place, and I did a lot of writing there. I know the hummingbirds miss me, and I miss my friends. I hate to just walk away. But it would be cheaper to rent than rebuild. Rational v. Emotional
  I'll still have to pay that $48 property tax every year. And for mowing.
  Should I rebuild or cut my losses! Vote early! Vote often!

Upstairs untouched—unless the squirrels have moved in. Or skunks.


j said...

If you love it, save it! But I'm a romantic!

Anonymous said...

Maybe rebuilding would afford a chance to put in better, more efficient systems. Big project, tho. It's a tough call. I abstain!

Debby said...

How much do you really want to own a home in Missouri? Must it be The Goose in Thomasville or could you find something in better shape in a more vital town?

If you truly love The Goose and the town of Thomasville, then maybe the potential dollar expense to fix it -- and your time -- would be worth it. Alternatively you could do a lot of month-long rentals, for years to come, for the cost and aggravation of rebuilding.

This is a very hard decision that only you can make. I'm just sorry that I didn't visit you at The Goose in its prime.

800 Ask CBA said...

You can call 1800Ask-Barrett. Seriously, regardless of how unpredictable the future may be as far as the sanity of re-builidng in a flood zone goes... You can't make this decision from afar. I think when you go down there and actually see it, you'll know what to do.

At that point, the condition of the well, septic and pump will factor in, of course. But you need to be there to decide. I think your heart will make the ultimate choice.

I would not walk away from something I love as much as you love The Goose. And there's no where quite like it. You can always look around, though.

Meanwhile, rent the Georgie Girl from the RV guys in West Plains. Provided it did not wash away, too.

otra rubia said...

I'm pretty sure you'd tell me to dump it and move on. But you have a history giving out second, even third, chances, so I don't think you're done with the Goose yet. It's only broken your heart once!

D.R. said...

I think that if anyone were able to make the goose fly again it would be you.

But like CBA said, you'll have to assess in person to know what to do. And how do you want to spend your time and money? Will rebuilding stress you out, or will you be stoked by the challenge of reviving her?

Here in New Jersey after Sandy, the landscape really changed - some places are gone forever, and some were rebuilt and raised up high to avoid a future surge. It took a while to get used to all the altered landscape and loss. But it's the way it is now, and people have either moved on or moved away. It's a subtle heartache that folks lives with.

Whatever decision you make, your friend are with you, CD.


Claudia said...

Tnx, all. I did, in fact, call the electrical coop to ask them to reconnect my power. I had cancelled my account (along with phone) during The Shattered Week. Dianne wants me to order windows NOW. Denis offered her ex's contracting services. I did find a nearby b and b on an organic farm for $75 a night! Which strikes me as excessive. Maybe even unaffordable.

Dianne said...

The reason I wanted you to order windows NOW was because I mistakenly thought you were coming in JUNE---not July---& it takes 2-3 weeks to receive the order. But if you're coming in JULY, then you've certainly got plenty of time.