stormy weather

Painting at Hannah's
Hannah's bedroom with Kate's hat.
It was a dark and stormy day, and Kate Knapp had been looking forward to painting the ocean. Outside. But with uncooperative weather, she was forced to condier alternatives, and came up with windows. First she hung her hat at Hannah's, prepped for the advent of Hannah herself  today, and painted through the French doors.
Then she went home for lunch.
When she got back she painted from my bedroom window at Claudia's. Hopefully, this afternoon when the rain stops she will have a greater choice of locations.
My bedroom with Kate


Debby said...

Providing shelter from the storm and a lovely spot for painting? What a good friend you are. Kate has a wonderful eye and superb skills; her paintings are always amazing.

Hopefully the weather will improve a little for your many guests coming for Memorial Day weekend.

D.R. said...

Hi Kate!