Can you see the frieze of little grasses atop the rebuilt dunes that are all that is keeping the sea from swallowing us? With the inundation that has traveled here from the Midwest, the plants are getting plenty of watering. Maybe climate change won't take us down just yet. I salute the volunteers who devoted their days to planting this protective barrier. 
   In big news on Block Island, yesterday, at 5:30 in the morning, we began getting our power from the windmills offshore. It is very tranquil without the noise of the generators.
   In other BI news, Daniel Berrigan, the peacenik priest who was captured on the island while on the run from the law, has died at 94. His obit in the Providence Journal.
   As to personal matters, Hannah, Isaac and Chris are in physical (and emotional) therapy after the car crash, and all of us are in grateful mode.

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