on the road

Goodbye New York; hello trucks. And more trucks. Lots of trucks. I left the city around 9 ayem and stopped outside of Dayton, Ohio, around 9 pm. Long day. My road trips are not stop-and-see-the-sights roadtrips. They are don't-even-stop-to-go-to-the-bathroom road trips. Though I am looking forward to one stop tomorrow. Hope the heirloom tomatoes are ripe in Greenup, Il. Seems a bit early. I hope to make it to West Plains tomorrow afternoon. Everybody seems to worry when I'm driving 1,200 highway miles. But the driving in the Ozarks while I'm there is what's really hairy.
And speaking of NY, Chien-Chi Chang has a pic in the New Yorker of NY. I was in the back seat of the cabwhen he took it from the front seat.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

Love Chien Chi's pic...really a beauty....reminds me of how you like the screens and plastic and how it changes the landscape in such an interesting way...the photo has more dimension...yippie