back to the mainland

Home again in the city so nice they named it twice. Slept well for the first time in months. There is a lot of news that has gotten away from me, so here is some that is not too out of date.
Hannah's new office is in this way cool live/work building in Providence. Here is a Providence Journal article about it.
  I just finished writing panels for Donna Ferrato's upcoming exhibition in Italy, American Woman.
  There has been a big hoopdedoo about Vacation Rentals By Owner and HomeAway's new policy, which charges not only owners but renters as well. I reduced my prices slightly to partially make up for the bump, and so far no one has balked. I have 13 weeks rented in each house, which is basically full. Here is a Washington Post article about it. 
   And for my next real estate venture, I am soon to head out to the Ozarks to see whether or not I want to rescue the Goose in a town that has been erased from the map. I still think it would make a fab reality TV show—a kind of Duck Dynasty meets Martha Stewart scene. Totally weird, what with characters like Bear. And speaking of Bear, according to this article he (aka Randy Walker) is the hero of Thomasville.
And PS Vogue (!) is calling the Ozarks happening as seen here.

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